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Oh great. So that's why they call this ride "Splashdown."

The Spam Man was teaching his son the ins and outs of Spam delivery.

Collective hallucination at the Fever Dreams Clinic.

Alma and Rashida often sneaked bong hits in the Spam cellar.

Leroy was beginning to question the wisdom of patronizing Pablo's Discount Brain Surgery and Enchilada Stand.

Thelma and Bernice often enjoyed getting drunk and worshiping Cthulhu.

Living next door to homicidal clowns was becoming burdensome to Alicia.

Although many had tried, no one had ever escaped from the Leavenworth Snail Hatchery.

Congratulations Mrs. Smith. It's a beautiful, baby ... uh ... giant squid.

Velma rued the day she promised to teach Bernice how to play "Smoke on the Water" on the accordion.

After searching for hours on Amazon, Laquisha finally found something she thought her T-rexes would eat.

After warning the Komodo Dragon a bazillion times about biting the children, Tabitha felt she had no recourse other than using the taser.

Dr. Framus' Lamprey Clinic was the finest in the Mid-south.

The Schmedlap family had been having a wonderful day at the amusement park. Then ... disaster!

Emergency Spam delivery. In the nick of time.

Ya'll come back now. Hear?

Family Day at the Beach

Another day ... another intergalactic bean transaction.

Shopping Trip

Attacking the Great Wall of Spam

Size Matters

There's Always Time for Spam

Interstellar Acrobat

The HR Department was Getting Mighty Excited about the Office Party

Trout Mask Replica Replica

Slinky Dreams

The demon was invited to Sunday dinner. Like all demons, it would only eat Spam.

Jerome and Benito stole Uncle Can-Can’s T-Rex and were on their way to two-for-one milkshake day at the local Big Boy restaurant.

First thing on the agenda, gentlemen ... more raw fish. I'm certain Randall back there will agree.

Kitten from the Black Lagoon

Kat Kong


Space Race

Mrs. Satan and the Aliens Decide On Beanie Weenies for Lunch

Please Feed the Gila Monster, Sweetheart. Mommy has a headache.

Walrus House

Lunch Time for Baby

Bathing Baby

Johnny, Billy, and Susy Get a Tasty Reward for Taking Out the Corpses

It's a Weird Day in the Neighborhood

Baby Traitors. "Ready ... Aim ... "

Home Sweet Home

Tub Frenzy

At the Station

"Oh look Dear! She left us a lovely suicide note."

Acid Test

New Neighbors

Earth vs. The Toddler

Open for Business

We're a Happy Family

Make a Wish

The Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

Gentlemen's Club

Wanna be a member?


Hanging Out

The interview was not going well at all.

Liquid Diet ... with Spam

The Gift

Counting the hot dogs and feeding the plants while drunk.

Unwelcome Guest

Office Party

Lunch Time


We have come for your Spam!



Close the Window, Dear

Saving the Spam

The Place to Be

The Message

Tyrannosaurus Chicken

Dinner for Two

Dinner's a Bit Stale Tonight


Clogged Drain

Family Room

Anniversary Present

Brother and Sister

Helping Mom

Gold Medal

Problems with Gravity

Family Life


Foot Longs ... with Chili

Lab Work

Class is in Session

Dimension Experiment

Family Hour

Oh no! Not slugs again.

In the Parlor


Saturday Night

"Baby's First Gallows" Playset (comes complete with noose and executioner). You can tell it's Mattel ... It's swell!

Hoedown in Space

Bribing the Baby

Bye Bye Baby

The Big Cheese


Dinner Time


Cooking Dinner

Lemonade Stand


The Examination

Waiting for the Bus

Hot Tub Honeys and Chaos

Almost Ready

Grub Scouts

Cthulhu Squad

Vienna Sausage - Assassin of Youth

Slugs Love Yoohoo


The Waiting Room

Lemme Outta Here!


Rubber Ducky


Proud Parents

Uzi Rex

Fancy Eatin' Place


Family Reunion

No! Never!


Oh my God! Look who's back!

Bad Company

Bouncy Bouncy

Cthulhu's Kitchen


The Guest Bedroom is Occupied

Opium Den Pancakes

Roach Recycling


Santa for Bad Kids

Dawg Divin'

Slumber Party


2019 in 1919

Executive Board Meeting


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


Eyeballin' It

Lego Strategy

Coming Attractions

Home on the Strange

Downtown Baltimore


Sharks Patrol These Waters